Ingredient: Salt to taste

Corned Beef Hash – 1

My Islander friend introduced me to corned beef hash and i’ve ever since been hooked. I use Palm corned beef which does not have any harmful additives and i’m in love with this brand. Though canned food is considered gross, adding veggies to it just transforms it into One Yummy dish. I also fry potatoes […]


Prawn Thokku

Prawn Masala

This prawn masala is to die for. Sometimes when I crave for soul food after a long day at work, this is what I treat myself with. Here is the recipe for you to try out. 🙂

Fish Fry

Fish Fry – Tamil Nadu style

No South Indian non-vegetarian meal is complete without spicy fish fry. Being a Mallu I need to eat this awesomeness at least a couple of times a week, if not I might Die. Marination is only optional since fish has the tendency to absorb flavor as it cooks. Since fish cooks really fast, this recipe […]

Chicken 65 – Version 2

This is is a variation to the regular Chicken 65 recipe that I posted earlier and it has a spicier finish to it. This is an excellent appetizer for parties and everyone would simply Love it.

Paasi Paruppu Sambar/Moong dhal sambar

My mom makes this dhal as a side-dish for rotis, and I have always enjoyed eating left-overs the following day with rice. Later when I started cooking, I tweaked it a little bit to go well with rice. This a very healthy substitute for regular sambar without compromising on taste. Here goes the recipe!

Deviled Eggs