Cuisine: American

Chocolate-Almond Banana Cupcake

Banana bread, I’m pretty sure, is the ultimate reason bananas exist on the planet. Whenever you see bananas go soft and freckly, banana bread is the answer. I couldn’t find my bread pan yesterday and these cupcakes were born! I’m glad ‘coz cupcakes make portions manageable, don’t you think? This recipe is heavily influenced by […]

Stuffed Omelette

Want a quick and easy breakfast? Try this stuffed omelette recipe. Takes all of 15 minutes or less, and you got yourself a filling and nutritious breakfast whipped up in a jiffy. Stuffing your omelette just packs it with so much more nutrition to keep your macros balanced. When it comes to making omelette, sky […]

Peppermint Bark

Even without trying we somehow seem to rack up quite a stash of candy canes every year. But do we ever eat them? Nooooooooo!!!! ‘Coz the overly sweet hard candy is not very pleasant to the pallatte. However, sprinkle some on top of peppermint bark and Voila!!! Those things get inhaled in No Time! I […]

Honey Glazed Ham

Not bragging (may be a tad bit yes ) but my boyfriend made this ammmazing, moist, crusty and flavorful honey glazed ham for our holiday party this weekend and OMFG, it was Minnnnd. Blowing! I will give credits to allrecipes for sure and more than the recipes, its the reviews that are a bomb there. This […]

Apple-Pumpkin Crumbles Muffin

Did you say “Muffin”?? Yes I did!!!! And Apple-Pumpkin Crumbles Muffins are even better than any muffin. 🙂 These Apple-Pumpkin crumbles muffins adopted from a recipe from are to dieeeeee for! Simple ingredients available in the pantry and are perfect for Christmas morning breakfast. Counter to oven in literally 15 minutes and that’s definitely […]

Crackling Chicken

This chicken dish is so easy to prep, make and devour that whenever I’m not sure what to make for a quick dinner, this is my go-to dish. I got the inspiration for this recipe on, put my own spin to it and have been hooked ever since. I always get my meat from […]

Steak – Rib Eye

My favorite cut of beef is the rib eye. The marbling throughout the meat provides an unbeatable flavor and juicy tenderness. I am a cast iron junkie. I use it to make a lot of my dishes, and the best use of it all is to make my steak. You can use any heavy skillet […]

Nutty Breakfast Porridge

Alright, the photo i’ve posted does NOT do justice to how heavenly this porridge tastes. You haaave to try it to believe it. I found this recipe online and i made some tweaks to make it work for me. Since we have a lot of different kinds of porridge for breakfast in India, this is […]

Cauliflower Rice – Egg Fried Rice

Alright, I can’t believe i’m saying this. But friends, Cauliflower “rice” is mind-blowing. This fried rice tasted absolutely delicious and my coworker who tasted it couldn’t tell it wasn’t rice. I just started my Whole30 cleanse and I was pretty skeptical to substitute my beloved rice with cauliflower, but i’m Sold! I had come home […]

Coconut Flan (Island style)

Flan is the easiest dessert you can make and this variation with coconut adds a twist to this wonderful dessert. I have not added any sugar to the custard because condensed milk and sweetness from coconut cream is good enough. I have seen some people add more eggs, but those flans turn out too eggy […]