Course: Breakfast

Chocolate-Almond Banana Cupcake

Banana bread, I’m pretty sure, is the ultimate reason bananas exist on the planet. Whenever you see bananas go soft and freckly, banana bread is the answer. I couldn’t find my bread pan yesterday and these cupcakes were born! I’m glad ‘coz cupcakes make portions manageable, don’t you think? This recipe is heavily influenced by […]

Stuffed Omelette

Want a quick and easy breakfast? Try this stuffed omelette recipe. Takes all of 15 minutes or less, and you got yourself a filling and nutritious breakfast whipped up in a jiffy. Stuffing your omelette just packs it with so much more nutrition to keep your macros balanced. When it comes to making omelette, sky […]

Nutty Breakfast Porridge

Alright, the photo i’ve posted does NOT do justice to how heavenly this porridge tastes. You haaave to try it to believe it. I found this recipe online and i made some tweaks to make it work for me. Since we have a lot of different kinds of porridge for breakfast in India, this is […]

Sabudana Kichdi (with no peanuts) – Tapioca Pearl Hodgepodge

Sabudana khichdi is usually made with peanut powder which is a dish that is consumed during auspicious days by those that want to observe abstinence from indulging on their staple food. Though I’m not a religious person (to my mom’s disappointment!!), I love Love laaaaav sabudana khichdi. However, since i’m on Whole30 cleanse now, I […]

Broccoli and Peppers Frittata

This stir-and-bake frittata recipe is so easy to make, its a no-brainer. Best part about making frittata is that you can throw in whatEver you have left in your fridge and it will turn out delicious. I’m on my Whole30 diet, so have not added cheese which is a main part of frittatas. I don’t […]

Perfectly Hard-boiled Egg with Pear and Avocado

This is my Day 1 of my Whole30 journey and I have been feeling upbeat all day. I ended my Whole30-eve binge eating Indian food since it was our biggest festival of the year, Diwali! I wanted to start my Whole30 the day after Diwali and finish right in time for Thanksgiving so i can […]

Protein smoothie

I buy fresh berries and freeze them after washing them well. I also chop up ripe bananas and freeze in ziplock bags. This way I don’t have to add ice cubes that waters down my smoothie.

Spam and Egg

Spam Eggs and Rice

Here is yet another island food that got introduced to me by my Guamanian friend and its called Chamorro or Hawaiian Steak on the Island of Guam (my friend made me update the description to include facts about spam in Guam (eyes rolling). Its so popular in Hawaii that McDonalds and Burger King have it […]

Power-breakfast smoothie with berries and banana

This is my favorite power-breakfast smoothie that can be made in a jiffy and is quite filling. It is also a fantastic post-workout protein shake. I buy fresh berries and freeze them after washing them well. I also chop up ripe bananas and freeze in ziplock bags. This way I don’t have to add ice […]

Buttermilk Pancake

Ever since I moved to the States I have fallen in love with Pancakes. Though I like commercial pancake mixes available in the market I figured I can make them myself at home and that’s when I started trying out different varieties of pancakes. I love buttermilk pancake and also the multigrain pancakes, and what […]