Author: sujeesha

Perfectly Hard-boiled Egg with Pear and Avocado

This is my Day 1 of my Whole30 journey and I have been feeling upbeat all day. I ended my Whole30-eve binge eating Indian food since it was our biggest festival of the year, Diwali! I wanted to start my Whole30 the day after Diwali and finish right in time for Thanksgiving so i can […]

Coconut Flan (Island style)

Flan is the easiest dessert you can make and this variation with coconut adds a twist to this wonderful dessert. I have not added any sugar to the custard because condensed milk and sweetness from coconut cream is good enough. I have seen some people add more eggs, but those flans turn out too eggy […]

Aaloo Samosa – aka Samosas filled with spiced potatoes

Samosas are the most popular Indian snack across the world and I have not come across anyone that is not intrigued by them. There are hundreds of varieties of samosas and what I’m sharing here is the classic version of em all. There are no hard and fast rule as to what goes in the […]

Chicken Chili Verde

There are several different kinds of chili out there and my favorites are the ones that do not have beans in them. I feel beans are used by restaurants as fillers and they do kill the flavor of meat. This particular recipe if a favorite of mine since it has a little tanginess to it […]


Indian meal at a restaurant is not complete unless you have your generous dose of tandoor-cooked bread called “Naan”. Many of us think making naan at home is impossible without a clay oven, but believe me, oven range works just fine. Two essential items that are needed to make the best naan at home (atleast […]

Easy Kerala Avial

Kerala Avial is the queen of all avials out there. This nutritious comfort food made using a variety of fresh South Indian vegetables cooked in coconut paste is the star of all Kerala festivals such as Onam and Vishu. Outside of festivals, its a great side dish for adai, another nutritious Indian multigrain pancake you […]

Flan – 2 (lets make some caramel sauce)

Flan is a very simple dessert, the origin of which is claimed by different countries. A Portuguese friend of my taught me the traditional method of making flan and its the bomb. I use less eggs than most recipes out there because i don’t like my flan too eggy. Don’t be intimidated by the caramel […]

Banana Lumpia (aka – Turon)

Ever since i came across this dish while looking for Chamorro desserts, i’ve been dying to make these. This is a very simple Filipino dish that migrated to Guam and has different variations. What i like about Lumpias is that they are not too sweet but delicious, and can be made in a jiffy. Jackfruit […]

Chamorro Bisteak

Bisteak is a super simple dish similar to adobo in a lot of sense. This rich yet uncomplicated dish is truly a comfort food. You can substitute achote seeds with achote powder if you want instant gratification. But achote seeds are not that hard to work with. Just soak them in a cup of boiling […]