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Aappam / Vellayappam

Ingredients: Dosa rice / raw rice / basmati rice – 4 cups Cooked rice –  a fist full Dried yeast – 1 tbsp Sugar – 2 tsp Grated coconut – ½ coconut Coconut water – from 1 coconut Sodium-bi-carb – just a pinch (this would make the appam crispy) Salt to taste Method of preparation: […]


Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish that originated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Its an excellent starter for parties and chicken in the recipe can be substituted with cauliflower (Gobi), mushroom or paneer and can be enjoyed by vegetarians. Ingredients:Chicken – ½ kg (preferably boneless)Chili powder – 4 tspCoriander powder – 2 tspCornflour – […]

Kesar Almond-Pista Milk

Ingredients: (serves 4)Pistachios 100 gms.Almonds 50 gmsSaffron 2 pinch.Sugar 1/2 cupMilk 500 ml. Preparation Method:• Soak almonds and pistachios separately in water for about 3 hours.• Grind nuts into a smooth paste by adding a little milk.• Heat milk in a pan till it boils. Add saffron strings and keep on slow heat for 5 […]

Kesar Milk (Saffron Milk)

Ingredients: (serves 4)Saffron 3 pinch.Sugar 1/2 cupMilk 500 mlCrushed ice Preparation Method:• Boil milk in a pan. Add saffron strings and keep on slow heat for few minutes.• Cool the milk and blend with sugar and ice in a blender.Serve cold.

Mango Lassi

Ingredients: (serves 4)2 ripe mangoes4 cups fresh plain yogurt1 cup cold water8-10 tsp sugar (or to taste) Preparation Method:• Place the peeled, seeded and chopped mango pieces in a blender.• Add the yogurt, water, sugar.• Blend it until smooth and frothy.To serve fill glasses with crushed ice and pour in the lassi.

Savoury Lassi

Ingredients: (serves 4)3 cups plain yogurt1 cup cold water.1 fresh green chilly, seeded and very finely chopped½ tsp ground cumin,Salt and pepper,Fresh cilantro or mint leaves to decorate,crushed ice to serve Preparation Method:• Pour the yogurt and water into a bowl and blend for 1 min.• Stir in the chilly and cumin. Season to taste […]

Green Gram Curry

Ingredients:Green gram – 1 cupPotato – 2Tomato – 1Garlic pods – 5Curry leaves – 1 sprigCoriander leaves – 1 tbspSambar powder/curry powder – 2 tspSalt to tasteSugar – 1 pinchOil – 2 tsp Preparation Method:1) In a pressure cooker boil the green gram and potatoes with salt and keep it aside.2) In the same pressure […]

Walnut Coffee Cake – LOW FAT

This cake can be had as a breakfast cake or as an afternoon snack with coffee. Not all coffee cakes have coffee in them, though this one does. If you want it to have a crumbly top you can always add some streusel on top before throwing it into the oven. Also, I’m not a […]

Carrot Apple Muffin

This is a perfectly acceptable breakfast muffin since its made with whole wheat flour instead of all purpose and also I use vegetable oil instead of butter.  The shredded carrots and apples and all the nuts make it toothsome and filling. Oh and the spices. The cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger makes it so yummy. All […]